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Usage Areas of 3D Printers

Appeal to wide open space for using different technologies on 3D printer methods.

Pieces produced for product development and mechanical design workings.

Different pieces can be produced for different areas such as aerostructure, electronic products’ cases, weapon systems, simulators, implants, a batteries, brakes, gears, headlamps, kits, fixtures and plastic toys.

3d digital printing technologies are used on serial productions, prototype productione, small batch productions and mechanical designs.

The products are fastly tested and problems are preventable during the design phase with 3 Dimensional printing technologies.

Among the application areas;

To visualize the design, making a mould and prototyping can be used. 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies are also used to copy ancient and precious structures for archaeological purposes. Especially in the manufacturing sector, given the progress of the technology, using 3D printing method provides a faster and more productive manufacturing process.